Do Scary Things!
Now, I'm not talking about rollercoasters and haunted houses, though I am always up for those kind of thrills! But what I'm talking about goes much deeper. I'm talking about stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing the things you feel called to do, but also feel really really scary.

For me, that's being vulnerable. It's showing up in a place that opens me up to judgement. It's showing my human-ness, showing my pain. Because for me, feeling pain meant being weak. Obviously that's not actually true. It's just part of the human experience. But I had held that believe for as long as I can remember.

I recently dug up an old memory that revolved around this belief. When my mom passed away from brain cancer when I was 14, I can distinctly remember being damn determined at her funeral not to cry. I only made it half way through, but that's not the point. I didn't want anyone to see me cry. I didn't want them to see my pain, my humanity. I needed to appear strong, even though I was a pile of ruins on the inside.

I used to get so uncomfortable when anyone found out that I'd lost my mom, even to the point of actually laughing it off at times. Like, no dude, n.b.d. (no big deal). It's just the way it is, I'm cool. I chose to feel broken, less worthy as a human being because I was a motherless daughter. So I tried to play it off like it was nothing.

I'm learning to break free from those toxic mindsets, and I'm asking you to do the same. Not for my own benefit, but for yours. Can you imagine how much freedom and healing it can bring to no longer be afraid of being human? To no longer worry that others are judging you? To no longer feel broken and unworthy? I can't even begin to put it into words.

And not even just for you, though let's be clear, that alone is HUGE. But also for your people. Your family, your friends, and for your little people. And for your followers. Maybe you are scoffing at me right now, thinking, yeah, I don't have any followers. I beg to differ. I felt that way too for awhile. I had a wise friend a couple years ago tell me, I know it seems like no one is engaging in your posts, I know it seems like you are talking into the abyss, but people are watching. They are waiting and watching to see if you are really serious about what you are doing. And, once I started opening up and sharing my story, sharing my journey, people I hadn't talked to in years, or maybe even ever, started coming out of the woodwork to comment on how they could relate, how I was helping them, asking for guidance. Showing up in vulnerability and authenticity can be a lifeline for those around you that you don't even know are struggling.

And maybe the most beautiful thing that can happen is that when you do the scary thing, it opens up a world of possibilities for your people too. On top of helping them to feel less alone, your courage can lend them courage to show up and do the scary things too. It creates a domino effect for those around you, and those around them, and those around them too! Can you imagine how beautiful the world could be if you stepped up to do the scary thing and inspire others to do it too? Let's create a movement and make this world a better, less lonely place. I can't wait to see that happen for you! 
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