Ultimate Mom Binder Review

This post originally appeared on healyoursoul.net on 5/25/19.

Like most moms I know, when it comes to keeping a clean and tidy house, it’s kind of like a train wreck. I know a few moms that have super tidy spotless homes, but that is the exception, not the majority. I hope, for your sake and your family’s, that you are in that minority group that seems to have all your stuff together. But if that’s not you, I've got you!

A few weeks ago a friend posted a live video launching a free video course to help moms get their house and life under control. I know this girl, and I can say that she is one of my favorite people to follow because she is actively investing in herself and her family’s future through personal development. She recently launched a homeschooling blog, and it’s already doing great. Honestly, she’s someone I aspire to be like. So when she said she was launching this FREE video course that could teach me how to get from where I was 3 weeks ago (where she had been before implementing this simple system) to where she is now (having a peaceful, clean, sanctuary-like home, all while working from home and homeschooling her 2 daughters) I was thrilled!

Now let me stop right here and tell you that this post is not sponsored in any way, and I earn nothing (nor does she) from you signing up for this course, plus the course itself is free too! To me that was a no brainer. Now, if you decide to sign up for her coaching course, and use my affiliate link, I do earn a commission from that, but there is absolutely no obligation to do that (though I obviously highly recommend it because it's bomb, just like this free course).

On top of the fact that I was super excited to learn from her about how she took her home from hot mess to stress free, I figured this would be a great way for me to learn from her example as far as how to relaunch my blog in a way that would be more effective and help more people. Plus, I figured if I could get this house under control, I might have more time to devote to creating content for the blog too. And as I had expected, all of these things happened.

So, now that I’ve told you how I learned about the Ultimate Mom Binder course, and what I expected to get out of it, let me give you the deets. All you have to do is click on this link, and enter your name and email address. Then you will be emailed a confirmation which you have to accept. After you accept, you will get one video a day for three days, which walks you through the basics of setting up the Ultimate Mom Binder, and doing it on the cheap. She also gives you different ideas and encourages you to make it work for YOU.

For me, I am a full time working mom, so the afternoon routine that she talked about didn’t really work for me, since I’m not home. But what I was able to do is use most of the suggestions there to create an after-school routine, along with adding a couple extra things that were relevant to our own life. My favorite part is how simple and customizable the system is for any mom (or wife, or single person) in any life situation. It isn’t JUST for stay at home moms. That is one of the problems that I have run into in the past, is that there are some bloggers who create these great systems that are perfect for people like them, stay at home, work at home, homeschooling moms. I think it’s easy to forget (for anyone, not just this group) that not everyone has the same life situation, and what works for one person may not work for another. In the same vane, even within a certain demographic, situations are different. What works for a stay at home mom with school age kids who can help her out may not work for a mom with two young special needs kids. But with the Ultimate Mom Binder, you can create it using Lindsay’s outline, and then customize it to work for your own family.

And work it does!! In all honesty, I haven’t even finished implementing the system yet. In the past I have been SO bad about jumping in with two feet and then burning out because I took on way too much in too short a time (see my previous blogs, MLM businesses, lack of a college degree for proof of this!). But I have been intentionally working toward taking on less at a time, and I KNOW this is a good system, so I want to make sure it sticks, so I am taking my time, adding a couple things at a time, using that for a  few days, then once it becomes a habit, adding a couple more things. This has been working well, and I am so looking forward to continuing. I still haven’t implemented the zone cleaning section yet, but that is the next step. But the routines, and the 3rd section (you’ll have to check out the course to find out what that is, but it is a game changer!!), have made a huge difference already. I am sleeping better, have a more positive attitude, and am less stressed.

If you’d like to check out the Ultimate Mom Binder course, just click here to sign up! And if you’d like to check out the Kingdom Mom Coaching program, click this link. Did I mention that I highly recommend that?? (Click the link, then hover over Kingdom Mom Coaching, and click Join the Community)

Are there any free courses that you’ve stumbled across that have been game changers? Make sure you share them in the comments below. I love learning from other bloggers who are a few steps ahead of me!

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