What it looks like to pivot, in business and in life
For several years, people told me how high functioning I am for someone who has ADHD. I didn't see it. I knew that I enjoyed keeping busy, but I didn't really see it as an accomplishment or something I could help others with. Then my son was diagnosed with ADHD, and I felt very ill-equipped to help him. That was 4 years ago. Since then, I have learned so much, and really so much in the past year! I often told him how ADHD could be his superpower if he would learn to use it to his advantage, but until recently I still didn't believe it for myself.

A couple months ago I pivoted in my business to serve postpartum moms, feeling like that's where I was being called, and where I would continue to serve for the foreseeable future. I struggled so hard when I became a new mom, and having my second child in August 2021, it was a good refresher in just how hard those first few months can be, which made me even more confident in my choice to serve new moms. I was so sure about my choice, that when I saw a friend was taking classes to become a postpartum doula, the lightbulb went on and I quickly enrolled as well.

I started sharing content for new moms immediately, and enjoyed doing so. About the same time though, we started occupational therapy for our oldest son. He's diagnosed with ADHD, and that's what he's being treated under. For awhile now, I wondered if he might also have some mild Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety. As we began OT and started talking with the therapist about his issues, it became apparent that he definitely has more sensory stuff than we first suspected. She isn't allowed to provide a diagnoses, and we are still looking for the right doctor to see for an evaluation, but I started sharing online about what we were learning, and about the strategies that were being used in OT, and the response was incredible. One of my videos has gotten over 12k views, and is still getting more views and likes daily. That may not seem like much to some, but considering most of my stuff was topping out at 200, this was a huge sign to me. It told me that this is a hot topic that a lot of people are looking for more help, and that what I'm sharing is really helpful.

I've sat with this for about a month, debating, listening to my intuition, continuing to test content online. And the response was a resounding yes! Go with your gut and pivot. Stop worrying about what others will say, if they'll think you are flighty and constantly changing your mind, and start serving in the way you were made to serve. There is a reason why you have the gift of ADHD, and why you were entrusted with such a special child. You have the unique perspective and ability to help others who aren't as far along on their neurodivergent journey as you are.

I now believe that the reason I needed to change directions to postpartum was to open myself up to the possibility of becoming a certified doula. I'm still pursuing my certification, and will be serving families in my local area (and occasionally virtually as the circumstance feels right for both myself and the family), but online my intuition is telling me to go down the neurodivergent path, serving families who so desperately need guidance and community, someone who knows what they are going through.

This experience can be translated, not just in business, but also in life. If you find yourself at a fork in the road, tune in to your intuition, into your body, and see what it tells you. Also see what "coincidences" you are seeing on the outside. Often times, these are signs nudging you toward the best path for you. Sometimes hearing your intuition can be hard, especially when you struggle with anxiety. Separating that feeling of fear from the rest of your feelings (happiness, peace, uneasiness, sadness, grief, hope) can help you to not react from a place of anxiety and truly follow your heart. You've got this mama!

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