Are you feeling overwhelmed with your "special" kids, but don't know where to start in finding some relief? Scared to get a diagnosis, or already have one but still don't know what to do with it? Feel like your kid's doc isn't taking your concerns seriously and just want to talk to someone whose been where you are and navigated through it? I've got you, sis!

In our one-on-one coaching call, we will talk about what exactly is going on with your kiddo, a couple natural management strategies you could start with, what type of professional might be able to best help you & your kid (and when to find a new one if the one you have doesn't take you seriously!), identify a few short term personal goals to help you find some relief, and determine where to go from here.

While I am not a licensed therapist or medical professional, I've got 41 years of experience with ADHD + giftedness, 25+ years of experience with anxiety, 9+ years of experience as a mom of a 2E kid, 5+ years of experience working in preschools & daycares w/ ages 0-12, plus 5+ years of experience attending individual and family therapy. This experience has given me many tools and tricks for managing ADHD in a healthy & functional way for both myself and my kid while pulling out our unique zones of genius, the ability to identify unhealthy coping mechanisms (hello control freak, that was me!), and a knack for determining when therapy might be the most appropriate option.

I am a huge advocate for seeking therapy, but more than that, for finding the right therapist for you. I also get how scary seeking therapy can be. I avoided it for 20 years. I also get that getting a diagnosis for your kid can be daunting, because no one wants their kid labeled as a "problem child". This gives me the unique ability to help you talk through your fears and get you to a place where you feel you can seek therapy & diagnoses when appropriate. I also offer accountability in the form of 2 post-coaching check-ins via text or Marco Polo to make sure you are still doing ok and are taking the steps we identified for you. You don't have to feel confused and alone any longer. Book your personal call today!
Natalie Rodriguez is not a doctor and this website does not provide medical advice. You can review more information here.


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